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6th November 2017

Shane Directs New Liam Gallagher Music Video!!

23rd November 2017
The completed music video has just been released over on the LADBible website along with a small article about it's production. You can check it out right HERE.


Taking a break from post-production work on his forthcoming TV series The Virtues (see 12th July post below) Shane has taken the opportunity to team up with Liam Gallagher on a music video shoot in Glasgow today.

Last month the call went out for fans to be extras in the music video shoot, but only today was it confirmed that Shane was the director. Liam gave a subtle hint on Twitter before the shoot began,

The video is for the forthcoming single, "Come Back To Me" taken from Liam's debut solo Album "As You Were" which was released last month.
No confirmed release date for the music video yet, but we shouldn't have too long to wait.
Liam confirmed the day's shoot was a success later on Twitter;

12th July 2017

New Four Part TV series "The Virtues" Officially Announced by Channel4

There have been murmurings for a while about Shane's next project, and today all the speculation came to an end with the official announcement of The Virtues.
Written by Shane and Jack Thorne (who also co-wrote the This Is England TV series') this new drama also reunites Shane with Stephen Graham who takes the lead role of Joseph, a moral yet troubled man who's lost everything he ever held dear and who finds himself compelled to travel to Ireland to confront the demons from a childhood spent in the care system that continue to haunt him.

A quote from Shane in the press release really gives you an idea of what to expect;

"The Virtues reunites me with the peerless Stephen Graham, whilst also allowing me the chance to work with a host of supremely gifted actors and some incredible new talent. It takes the biblical, almost apocalyptic levels of revenge witnessed in Dead Man's Shoes, along with the bittersweet humour from This is England and creates a landscape like nothing else I've ever worked on."

To read the full press release, head on over to the Channel4 announcement page HERE.
Hopefully more details to follow!

7th February 2017

Broadcast Award, Co-op Ad Campaign, and Sheffield Doc Fest Video Interview!

Long time, no news.
Then three pieces of news come along at once!

This Is England '90 is still winning awards! At the Broadcast Awards 2017 last week, This Is England '90 took home the Best Drama Series award beating off competition from the likes of Line of Duty and Happy Valley.

At the moment there is no sign of any video of the event online, but I'll be sure to update this news with the acceptance speech if it should appear.

Next up is news of Shane's new advertising campain for the Co-op.
Focussing on the depth of relationship that the Co-op is building with local communities, the campaign is currently being screened online and in cinemas.
Shane's Director's-Cut of the campaign can be seen on the Co-op blog HERE... or in the player below!

The final update is a video interview with Shane and producer Mark Herbert at last years Sheffield Doc Fest.
There's plenty of talk about Shane's feature documentary Made of Stone, but there are also plenty of other subjects covered in this hour long interview. Ranging from the beginning of his career right through to potential future projects (even Beware the Devil gets a mention again)!
You can watch the entire interview in the video below...

... and that's all the news.

9th May 2016

Two wins for This Is England '90 at the BAFTA TV awards!

With three BAFTA TV nominations for This Is England '90, hopes were high, and on the night the series took home a more than respectable two out of three possible awards!

Best Mini-Series, and Best Supporting Actress for Chanel Cresswell...

UPDATE: You can now watch the acceptance speeches and backstage interviews for both of theses awards in the videos below!

The Guardian posted a short interview with Shane last night in which he reveals that he still has one last gem for fans of This Is England in the future.... possibly a feature! Check out the interview HERE.

15th May 2016

Win Tickets To See The Stone Roses Live!

Over on the video streaming website We Are Colony, Shane's Stone Roses documentary, Made of Stone has just been added to their film catalogue.
To celebrate, a competition is currently underway to win 2 pairs of tickets to see The Stone Roses at their sold out homecoming gig in Manchester on Saturday 18 June!

To enter the competition and for more info, head on over to the We Are Colony website HERE.
If you're wondering why you should need another video streaming website, well We Are Colony actually give you access to a film's extra features too when you rent or buy anything!

25th April 2016

Shane Wins at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards!

Last night at the BAFTA Television Craft Awards, Shane took the award for best director of fiction for This Is England '90.

BAFTA tweeted the news last night along with a clip of Shane's acceptance speech...
The video below is now the complete award presentation and acceptance speech from Shane. It is also followed by a short interview with Shane too!

Next up is the BAFTA Television Awards on the 8th of May in which This Is England '90 has 3 nominations,
Best Mini-Series
Best Leading Actor - Stephen Graham
Best Supporting Actress - Chanel Cresswell

22rd March 2016

This Is England '90 takes the win at the Empire Awards!

Beating off stiff competition on Sunday night from the likes of Game of Thrones and Fargo, This Is England '90 took home the award for Best TV Series!

Chanel Cresswell and Shane (and award)

You can watch the acceptance speech from producer Mark Herbert and Thomas Turgoose on YouTube HERE

As well as the award win for This Is England '90, Shane got to present the Empire Inspiration Award to his good friend and collaborator, Paddy Considine. Check out Paddy's acceptance speech on YouTube HERE

Two other interesting videos for Meadows fans also came out of the event...

The first was Empire's live Periscope feed which features a short interview with Shane (and others). Click HERE to skip straight to Shane's bit!
The second video is a short interview in which Shane talks about having an idea for another This Is England feature! Watch the clip HERE.

Talk of another This Is England film has been around for a few years.
At one point, Shane did talk about maybe making another film after This Is England '88 had aired, but as we now all know, This Is England '88 actually lead to the four part series, This Is England '90.
Even if Shane does get another This Is England film into production, don't expect it to be any time soon as he is still gunning for the Tommy Simpson biopic to be his next feature film project.

21st February 2016

Award Win... Award Nomination... and talk of Shane's next film!

After a long absence of news, we finally have a small but substantial flurry of Meadows updates!

First up, congratulations are in order as This Is England '90 recently won the award for Best TV Show at the NME awards!
Check out the video below to see Shane's acceptance speech in which he dedicates the award to his friend and collaborator, the late Gavin Clark.
Watch out.. there is a swear at the end of this video, so maybe wait until granny is out of the room!

With the NME award in the bag, the nominations for the annual Empire awards were announced just a day later and they revealed that This Is England '90 is up for the Best TV Series award!
The awards show isn't until the 20th of March, so there's still plenty of time to get your votes in!
Head on over to the Empire Awards website HERE

Last, but certainly by no means least, a recent article and interview Shane appeared on the Loaded website in which Shane comes as close as ever before to confirming that his Tommy Simpson biopic will be his next feature!
The one new stand out piece of information from the article is that Shane seems be adamant that he will want Joseph Gilgun to play the lead role!
If you're not sure who Tommy Simpson is, the article will explain all. Head over to the Loaded website to give it a read HERE.

11th November 2015

This Is England '90 - DVD & Bluray

Not too long to go now!
You'll be able to get your hands on the DVD or Bluray of This Is England '90 on the 23rd of November!

At the moment, the only information I have on the extra feature featured on the discs is over 30 minutes of deleted scenes!
One of the producers, Mark Herbert, confirmed on Twitter that there will be a lot of Combo in prison in the deleted scenes!

If you can't be bothered to hunt this down on Amazon yourself, then feel free to use these handy links!
This Is England '90 DVD
This Is England '90 Bluray

Also coming soon is a box set featuring all three of the This Is England series. Amazon seems to have the box sets listed at an unusually low price (when compared to buying a standalone copy of This Is England '90)... it's very possible that the box set doesn't include any extra features, but as of yet I have been unable to confirm this wild speculation!
Here are those handy links again!
This Is England '86-'90 DVD
This Is England '86-'90 Bluray

UPDATE: Please note that the release dates listed on Amazon now seem to be all over the place!
The DVD of This Is England '90 and the DVD of the '86-'90 box set still say the 23rd of November.... but...
The Bluray of This Is England '90 now says the 30th of November.... and....
The Bluray of the '86-'90 box set now says the 3rd of December!
Not sure what is going on there!

9th October 2015

This Is England '90 - Media Round Up

With the series (and very possibly the entire This Is England legacy) having come to a stunning conclusion, now is a great time for you to check out some of the media coverage surrounding the series that you may have missed!

What better place to start than the most recent behind-the-scenes video on the Warp Films YouTube channel in which members of the cast and crew look back at their memories of This Is England over the past ten years!

You can check out the other behind-the-scenes videos from Warp Films in their This Is England 90 playlist HERE

While on the subject of behind-the-scenes videos, Channel 4 also released their own making-of videos which were released after each episode of the series aired. You can watch them all over on the All4 website HERE
As well as hosting the full series for a month, the All4 site also released a collection of deleted scenes which you can watch HERE

Other videos you may have missed....
* Andrew Shim and Thomas Turgoose interview on ITV's Lorraine (seemes to be edited highlights) HERE
* Vicky McClure and Chanel Cresswell on BBC Breakfast HERE
* talks to Shane HERE

On the audio side of things, you'd do well to listen to the Andrew Shim episode of Scroobius Pip's Distraction Pieces podcast. It's not just about This Is England, but there's plenty in their, along with lots of other stuff about working with Shane. You can get hold of the episode HERE (just look for episode #59).
The Guardian website released an exclusive streaming version of the track God Song by Toydrum and Gavin Clark HERE. You'll recognise the track from the Pagan festival party scene in episode 2!
This track is taken from the forthcoming album Evangelist which features new work from the late Gavin Clark who tragically died earlier this year. You can pre-order the album HERE.
Last (but most definitely not least) is the fact that the official This Is England '90 soundtrack CD (and download) is now available.

You can get it HERE if you like.

Finally, here are some articles you may have missed....
* A look back at the whole This Is England saga on the Huffington POst website HERE
* This Is England '90: When the Working Class Still Had Hope - On the Guardian website HERE
* Interview with Shane after the first episode had aired over on the NME website HERE
* Interview with Shane on The Version website HERE
* Interview with Shane on the Independent website HERE

9th September 2015

Interview and Q&A with Shane at the Edinburgh Television Festival.

Here's a fantastic post screening interview and discussion with Shane hosted by long-time fan and broadcaster Andrew Collins. The interview covers many aspects of Shane's film career, not just This Is England '90.
It also features the full story that directly inspired the dog food stealing scene in Smalltime!

You can watch the interview in the player below.

With the first episode of This Is England '90 just a few days away, there has been an explosion of coverage in the press.
Here's a selection of some of the highlights...

An interview with members of that cast on
A behind the scenes article and interview on
An interview with Chanel Cresswell on
Cast interview on

22nd August 2015

This Is England '90 Release Date Announced!

Finally, the air date for the first episode of This Is England '90 has been announced as Sunday the 13th of September.

Channel 4 have also posted a short behind the scenes video from the photo shoot of the image above.
Head on over the Channel 4 website to watch the video HERE.

17th August 2015

This Is England '90 Press Screening

On Thursday the 13th of August, the first screening of episode one of This Is England '90 took place in a top secret location in London and was followed by a 90's themed night of music, drinks, chips, and gravy!

Andrew Ellis (Gadget), Vicky McClure (Lol), Andrew Shim (Milky), Jo Gilgun (Woody), and Thomas Turgoose (Shaun). Just a small collection of the numerous cast members who were in attendance at the This Is England '90 night!

Before the screening of episode one, Shane gave an introduction which confirmed the following facts about This Is England '90,
1) The series is made up of four episodes
2) Each episode corresponds to a season, with episode one being set in spring.
3) Episode four is going to be feature length!

You watch Shane's intro over on the website HERE

Shane also mentioned that although this series feels like a definitive ending for the This Is England saga, he did also say;
"I never say never. When I left 88 you couldn’t say that was the end, I always had a feeling I had to come back. Now I don’t have that feeling that I have to come back. But at the same time it is a full stop but it is written in pencil probably."

The one piece of information that did not appear during the event was a confirmed date for the series. We're still waiting for Channel 4 to spill the beans!

Over the weekend a fantastic article by Miranda Sawyer appeared on the Guardian website which covers the history of the This Is England journey along with a collection of short interviews with Shane, Vicky McClure, Chanel Cresswell, Andrew Ellis and Michael Socha.
The article also includes a collection of newly released promo photos, so head on over to the Guardian website to read the article
The Guardian also recently posted another article about Shane which features interview contributions from Jo Hartley (Cynthia) and Jack Thorne (co-writer). You can read the article HERE.

Back in July, Shane was presented with an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree from Nottingham Trent University. The video of the presentation and Shane's speech is now available to view over on the Nottingham Trent University website HERE.
TOP TIP: Skip to around the 30 minute mark!

30th July 2015

This Is England '90 Trailer!

Yesterday the Guardian website debuted the first full trailer for This Is England '90.

You can head watch the trailer in the player below, or head on over to the Guardian webpage HERE where it first appeared.

This Is England '90 is a four part series that will air on Channel 4 in the UK in September. At the moment there is no precise start date, so keep your eyes peeled!

20th July 2015

Shane Receives Honorary Degree From Nottingham Trent University

Twenty years after having to abandon his photography degree at NTU to spend a year clearing his debts, Shane was back today to join the graduating students in the first day of a week of graduation ceremonies at the university.

After collecting his Honarary Doctor of Arts degree, Shane commented that;
"It's lovely. The students who have put the work in for those three years are obviously more deserving than myself. I'm probably not the kind of person who is good at sitting in a room learning and committing myself the way these people have but it's nice to be recognised."

Local television station Notts TV covered the event, and you can watch the report in the video player below.

Later in the week Vicky McClure will also be receiving an Honorary Doctor of Arts degree for recognition of her contribution to the acting profession.

You can read further coverage over on the Nottingham Post website HERE and HERE

25th June 2014

This Is England '90 Premiere Screening

The first episode of the forthcoming, 4 -part series, This Is England '90 will be premiered at the Edinburgh International Television Festival on Friday the 28th of August.
The screening will be followed by a Q&A with Shane which will be chaired by long-time fan, Andrew Collins.
Unfortunately it seems to be an industry event, so day passes for entry to the festival seem to have a hefty price-tag.
Head on over to the Edinburgh International Television Festival Website for more info HERE

You may recognise the imnages above, as they have recently been used in the first teaser trailers for the series.
So far, two different teaser trailers have been spotted. There's a rave themed advert (from which the images above have been taken), and a Stone Roses, paint-spattered theme trailer (accompanied by a brief burst of their track, Fools Gold).

If you head on over to the recently launched This Is England 90 fansite, you can take a look at the adverts themselves which they have managed to capture from the TV screenings! You can check them out HERE

12th May 2014

Poster design competition for This Is England '90 is launched. in conjuction with Channel4 have just launched a poster design competition for any budding artistic creatives out there.
The poster should be a nostalgic, '90s rave poster which, if selected as a winning submission, will be used in the marketing push for This Is England '90 which is coming to Channel4 in September.

The Talent House website describes the competition like so;
Channel4 and "This Is England '90" invite creators from around the world to submit poster artwork that captures the zeitgeist of UK club culture during the 1990's, the time when clubs and dance music changed British youths' habits forever.
Three Selected Artists will have their work used within the interactive marketing campaign to promote the series, and will each receive £1,000 and a mentoring session with Channel 4's creative department, 4Creative.

The deadline for entries is 10am on the 29th of May!

For the full details on the competition, the prizes, and how to enter, head on over to the website HERE

18th February 2015

Shane pays tribute to his friend and collaborator, Gavin Clark.

In the early hours of Monday morning (16th February), Gavin Clark tragically passed away at the age of 46.
If you're a fan of Shane's work you will certainly have heard many of Gavin's unique compositions throughout the soundtracks of Shane's films and TV series.
From the earliest days of Smalltime, Gavin's music has always been a stand-out feature of Shane's output over the years, and his distinctive vocals have always had the power to strike a personal chord with anyone who cared to listen.

In light of this shocking news, Shane has passed on his own personal tribute to Gavin,

"How do you capture in words, what the death of someone you love means to you, means to his children, his family, his friends. The only person I ever knew who had that capability was Gavin. His music elevated my early work from student tat (in the early 90’s) into something resembling art, he’s penned at least one unforgettable song for pretty much everything I’ve ever made and his latest, as yet unreleased songs, are his greatest and have once again become the emotional heartbeat of my latest project.

Anyone who knows his work, knows his pain, anyone who met him, will never forget him and for those that saw him play live, his voice remains tattoo’d in their heart. No PA system could contain him, no recording could capture him and I know I will never meet anyone like him again.

Gavin I love you so much brother and I miss you like frikk already. Xxx."

Only last week, Shane's documentary about Gavin entitled, "The Living Room", was released online for the first time.
Please take the time to watch the film, and discover the man that so many now miss.

You can watch The Living Room on YouTube HERE
There is also a great article on the Vice Noisey website about how Gavin and Shane met and worked together HERE

Many years ago now, Gavin was kind enough to donate an altenate version of his track "If This Is Love" to the website. You will probably recognise it as part of the soundtrack of A Room For Romeo Brass.

You can listen to the track in the flash player here...........

10th February 2015

Watch "The Living Room" online!

Shane's' 2009 documentary film 'The Living Room' is now available to view on the Vice Noisey website.
The 40 minute film charts the often poignant, sometimes comic relationship between Shane and his long-time friend and music collaborator Gavin Clark.

The Living Room was originally released for the first time last year as part of a special edition version of Gavin's compilation album, Beautiful Skeletons.

The Vice Noisey website also have an accompanying article to compiment the documentary which covers the role of Gavin's music in Shane's films over the years.

You can watch The Living Room HERE
You can read the article HERE

23rd December 2014

3 part Notts TV interview now available to watch On Demand!

As we all wait for more news of the forthcoming This Is England 90 TV series (which is currently in production), this website is briefly waking from it's hibernation to pass on the great news that local Nottingham TV station NottsTV have made their programming available to everyone via their new On Demand service.

Earlier in 2014, the channel screened a 3-part Shane Meadows interview conducted by film critic Jason Solomons which covers Shane's entire career in film-making.
With each of the three episodes running to 24 minutes, what we have is a feature length interview that goes into great detail, and even features new insights and anecdotes for even the most hardcore fan!

You can check out part one in the video player below, and you can find all three episodes over on the NottsTV website (see the links below the video).

For the full interview use the following links to the NottsTV On Demand website.
Episode One
Episode Two
Episode Three

2nd September 2014

Kickstarter Campaign For Debut Scorzayzee Album!

Three hardcore fans of Nottingham based lyrical-wizard and rap-artist Scorzayzee have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise the funds necessary to record and produce Scorzayzees debut album.
Even if you only know Scorzayzee from Shane's 2009 film "Le Donk & Scor-zay-zee" you will be well aware of the talent that these hardcore fans are so keen to promote. Here's their opening explanation of the Kickstarter campaign;

"This is a story of extreme fandom; three die-hard Scorzayzee fans dedicating the past six months to manifesting the missing album from every hip hop head's collection.
Let's get Scorzayzee BACK into the studio to finally record the hip hop album that was never made!
With the short documentary below, the producers (Ste, Jack and Greg) hope to fill in the missing gaps and bring to light the journey of one of the most elusive yet revered, sought after and talented emcees this country has ever produced. "

The campaign comes with a 12 minute short film that delves into the Scorzayzee story-so-far, and features contributions from high-profile fans including a certain Mr Meadows.
You can watch this Kickstarter Campaign video in the player below.

Head on over to the Kickstarter campaign page HERE where you can find out all you need to know about the project along with all the info on the merchandise up for grabs for the various levels of backer!

Don't forget to spread the word!
On Twitter, the campaign is using the hashtag #KickStartScorz

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