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This is the part of the site where I end up dumping all the bits and pieces that don't fit anywhere else on the site. If you have any ideas for this section, please let me know by leaving a message on the forum.



Want to adorn the desktop of your computer with a Meadows related image?
Well, you're in luck, because this section contains a few desktop wallpapers for you to choose from.
There are a couple of poster images, and a whole host of This Is England character wallpapers that I have cobbled together. Take a look!
I will try to add some more wallpaper images when I get hold of some suitable large images.



There have been a few location hunters on the FORUM over the years, so here I have compiled the best links to their photographs (and videos!).

(Images to the right are by Paul, aka Thribb).


Brief Encounters Short Film Festival Event Transcript (2004)

This transcript of a talk that Shane gave at the Brief Encounters Short Film Festival was one of the first things that I put on this website when it launched.
Shane's short film "Northern Soul" was screened at the festival in 2004 and it was the first time I met Shane after launching the website. Thankfully, Shane gave the site his seal of approval!
This transcript of Shane's talk makes for quite fascinating reading so long after the event.
It contains Shane's thoughts on Once upon a Time in the Midlands, as well as quite a lot of information about the development of Dead Man's Shoes. Click HERE to read it!


North West Producers and Directors Question and Answer session

Click on the page links above to view scanned copies of a talk at the NWPD (North West Producers and Directors, which is dedicated to the support & development of the moving image industries) at the end of last 2004. The article features contributions from Shane Meadows and producer Mark Herbert and it discusses Mark's first contact with Shane, and Dead Man's Shoes production insights.
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To take a look at all of the video and audio clips on the site, take a trip to the MEDIA page!


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